Glossary of the Grotesque


Architects have to stop thinking in terms of buildings only. Built and physical architecture, freed from the technological limitations of the past, will more intensely work with spatial qualities as well as the psychological ones. The process of erection will get a new meaning, spaces will more consciously have haptic, optic and acoustic properties. A true architecture of our time will have to redefine itself and to expand its means. Many areas outside traditional building will enter the realm of architecture, as architecture and “architects” will have to enter new fields. All are architects. Everything is architecture.”

R.I.P. Hans Hollein


Blank Space Architecture Fairytale Competition Jan 2014

Dawn Lim

Fiona Tan


This is a tale about a metropolis called Ether, the fields of Nimby and the virgin lands of Default. 

In some ways it is a story about cities we heard of, travelled to or lived in. It is a story about mankind’s conflicting relationship with technology and how it has shaped how we negotiate through this brave new world. Instead of an outright proposition of new building visions, our tale presents an alternative pause in which we attempt to revisit the outcomes in which selfish fantasies are detrimental to the world.